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Updates & Regulations

Updates and Regulations

Direct Deposit

Effective January 1, 2017, all PCAs are paid by the FI via direct deposit to the PCA’s bank or debit account.  Consumers receive a copy of the payroll register for “regular time”.  Payment for earned sick time, overtime, and same day travel is made directly to your PCA. 

PCA Orientation Information

PCAs hired after January 1, 2014, who are brand new to the MassHealth PCA program, must complete the PCA New Hire Orientation requirement within 6 months from their date of hire. New PCAs who fail to complete the Orientation within the six months will have an after-tax payroll deduction equal to two dollars ($2.00) per hour sanction applied until they complete the Orientation program.

If the PCA completes the Orientation within 2 months of their 6 month anniversary date, the payroll deductions will cease and all accumulated deductions will be returned. If the New PCA completes the Orientation after 8 months of the date of hire and submits the correct paperwork, the payroll deductions will cease but they will forfeit all accumulated deductions.

Orientations may be given by the consumer or the PCA can attend an orientation session with the Homecare Training Benefit (HTB). A consumer who wishes to do the orientation must submit a completed Consumer Options Form to Stavros Fiscal. A Consumer Options form is required for each PCA going through the with their conusmer. The materials for the orientation will then be mailed to them from HTB. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the materials to arrive. The Consumer Options Form will be included with the notification sent once an orientation eligible PCA is hired. If this form is needed, please contact Stavros Fiscal