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Safety Practice on Hiring and Firing PCAs

The following information is a new perspective from consumers in navigating the often challenging process of hiring and firing Personal Care Attendants (PCAs). Our goals is to ensure that consumers feel safe, respected and comfortable when they are hiring PCAs.

Safety in Hiring & Firing



Posting fora PCA job opening: keep personal information to a minimum in

the job posting/advertisement



Phone screen: before agreeing to meet with potential PCA, consider a

pre interview phone screening at which time you can discuss basic required

task of PCA and the schedule you are looking to fill to see if the PCA in

question could be a potential match


In-person interview: try to meet in public place and/or with a trusted

friend/family member (even if they wait in the car or at a different table)


Checking references: make sure to ask for professional references

(not personal) and call said references.


Background checks: Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and

Sex Offender Record Information (SORI) checks are a way to check potential

PCAs criminal/sexual assault history, BUT does not guarantee safety


Firing: It is recommended that you meet with your PCA in person, and that you

have someone else present, such as a friend or family member, either

in the same room or another room. If you don’t feel safe being in the same

space as the PCA, you could also call them


Boundaries & Communication

It is recommended that consumer directly communicate boundaries and expectations from the beginning of your work relationship and continue to talk with your PCA if you feel uncomfortable as situations come up. Having a conversation with your PCA about your needs, boundaries and expectations can help you feel more in control of the care you are receiving

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